Friday, July 24, 2009

PWS Brochure

brochure design for the Pottery Workshop that I made. Hopefully it is done being edited and re-edited

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Solar Eclipse/ Meiwan Fire Pleasure International Ceramic Festival

More Pictures of Jaixing. Though it was a short trip it was a lot of fun. I also forgot to mention in the previous post that one of the photos is from Papa Johns. We were served every meal at the Meiwan Tea House and lets just say the food was very traditional. Chicken feet, heart, eel, pig knuckles etc... Normally I would never eat at a Papa Johns in the sates but it was absolutely delicious we had a haiwan pizza and cheese and peeperoni.

Solar Eclipse/ Meiwan Fire Pleasure International Ceramic Festival

almost the entire staff hopped on a bus for a six hour ride through the Chinese countryside. The bus was excellent (a.k.a air conditioned) and the journey was through some of the most breathtaking countryside I have ever seen. We went through the Yellow Mountain, mountain range. The highway was incredibly modern and the rest stops were nicer than any I have seen in the sates. We arrived to the "Meiwan Fire Pleasure International Ceramic Festival" in Jaixing. All of the staff and residents that wished to participate brought work to be in an exhibition there and to take part in a raku firing and other ceramic festivities. Jaixing was a great town with some excellent Chinese architecture. The whole festival happened becaused The PWS wanted to travel somewhere to see the total eclipse. Even though it was overcast for most of the eclipse it was still amazing. It was incredibly dark for 9:40 in the morning and we all watched it on the dock of the river, there was a lot of hootin & hollerin

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ancient Kiln Museum

Ancient Kiln Site

Sunday is holiday and we decided, despite the heat, to make a trip out to the ancient kiln site museum. It was 50 yuan to get in, expensive by Jingdezhen standards, but it was worth every yuan. the grounds were immaculately kept and the buildings and plants were amazing. I could have stayed there the entire day. Along with ancient kilns there were some amazing buildings and shrines. There was also a lot of blue and white porcelain being sold. The ticket taker quickly ushered us into the main gift shop before we went anywhere inside the museum.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Yu Zhou Factory

I made a morning trip to the Yu Zhou factory to look around. I think it might be my favorite factory i have been to. The streets are mazes of workshops and houses. It was immensely fun getting lost in the winding allies, paths and streets. Also, any trip that starts and ends with a ride on a motorcycle taxi is sure to be a good time.

Potter on the roof

Photos of the Jingdezhen landscape from atop a building in the sculpture factory. Damn, I loaded these photos and they almost seamlessly join together.