Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jo Jo Jo / 9 9 9

There were quite a few people leaving Jingdezhen to go off to bigger and better things. There was a big send off bash at Jo Jo Jo's (999) for them. The first photo is Brad and Kim, Brad has been the Tech at WVU in Jingdezhen and his wife Kim have been here 9 months. They are moving back to the states. The next photo is some of the WVU students. Third Photo is Dryden, the design studio manager, and Kerrie who is from Ireland and is traveling all over asia. Kerrie and I had a great time talking about Irish beers and that I need to see an Irish wedding if I really want to see the Irish party. Jo Jo Jos has draft beer, a precious commodity in Jingdezhen and we did our fair share of making it even more rare.

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