Saturday, June 13, 2009

Old Factory Jingdezhen

Carola Zee a resident at the PWS who is a designer from Holland had to go on a factory visit and was kind enough to bring me along. while she was talking shop I wandered the streets. Almost every doorway had something to do with ceramics inside. Every corner you turn there was a throwing, slip casting, decal, painting or iron work shop. It was really amazing to walk around there. Some of the shop managers would invite you in, some even yelling from the other end of the street to come inside.

This guy was amazing. He is the #1 throwing in that shop, there were three all together. He is by far the largest Chinese man I have seen yet. Even though he couldn't speak English you could tell he was hilarious, his facial expressions and gesticulating was proof enough.

This guy was ridiculous! He could throw a board of 8 lids in less than 5 minutes. Here is a short clip of his speed.

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