Monday, June 8, 2009


On arrival to the Shanghai Airport we had to go through Medical screening, They use an infrared thermometer it was very surreal to fly for 15 hours and then have a medical team of 8 come through and take everyone's temperature.

Shanghai is a huge city.

This is Shanghai's museum, it was free and awesome.

The museum had an amazing collection, here is just a few of the photos I took. some rooms didn't allow photography, the calligraphy and painting halls, I thought the ceramics collection would be bigger but it was still an amazing assortment from the different dynasties. My favorite would have to be the furniture hall the craftsmanship was absurdly well done and detailed.

Later that evening Caroline's husband Paul, my hosts in Shanghai, took me to Oscars Pub for Open mic night. There was a awesome mix of ex-pats and Chinese locals. they played bluegrass old irish folk songs, Cash, Nirvana, Neal Diamond and so much more. It was a long and very fun night. This was the first bar of three we made it to that night.

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